High performance shearing machine blades

Nov 10, 2023

Sanqu Machinery's shearing blade is a key cutting tool, specially used to shear metal sheets, and is widely used in various industries, such as metal processing, construction, automobile manufacturing, etc. Here is a detailed introduction to the blade:


Production Process:

The process of making a shearing blade goes through several key steps. First, design and engineering planning are carried out based on the customer's requirements and specifications. Next, high-quality knife steel is selected as raw material for cutting and shaping. The blade is then hardened and quenched through a heat treatment process to increase its hardness and wear resistance. Finally, precision grinding and polishing are performed to ensure the precision and smoothness of the blade.


material selection:

Sanqu Machinery's shearing machine blades usually use high-strength tool steel, such as high-quality alloy tool steel or high-speed steel. These materials have excellent mechanical properties, including high hardness, wear resistance and impact resistance. Choosing the right material ensures the blade has excellent durability and cutting results during the shearing process.


Application areas:

Shearing machine blades are mainly used for shearing and cutting metal plates, including steel plates, aluminum plates, copper plates, etc. They are widely used in various industries such as metal processing plants, shipyards, automotive production lines, construction equipment manufacturing, etc. The efficient cutting capabilities and precision of shear blades make them an important tool for high-quality and efficient metal processing.


Applicable machines:

Sanqu Machinery's shearing blades can be used in various types of shearing machines, including hydraulic shearing machines, mechanical shearing machines, and CNC shearing machines. Whether it is a small factory or a large industrial production line, shearing blades can meet different needs to achieve precise and efficient sheet metal cutting.


To sum up, Sanqu Machinery’s shearing blade is a high-quality, durable cutting tool made of high-quality knife steel. They are widely used in metal processing in various industries and can be used on different types of shears. Through high hardness, wear resistance and precise cutting capabilities, shearing blades help companies achieve high-quality and efficient sheet metal processing.

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