Paper processing industry

Nov 10, 2023

In the paper industry, blades are widely used and involve many aspects of paper cutting, trimming and processing. The following is a detailed introduction to the use of blades in the paper industry:


Paper cutting blade:

One of the most common blades used in the paper industry is the paper cutter blade, which is used to cut large sheets of paper into the desired size and shape. These blades are typically used on paper cutting or trimming machines. Paper cutting blades need to have sharp cutting edges and wear resistance to ensure efficient and precise cutting operations. Common paper cutting blade materials include high-speed steel (HSS) and carbide.


Creasing blade:

Creasing blades are often used in processes such as folding, die-cutting and printing in the paper industry. The purpose of these blades is to apply pressure on the paper to fold it or to position it during the subsequent die-cutting process. Creasing blades need to have high hardness and wear resistance to ensure clear, stable creasing.


Cutting blade:

Cutting operations in the paper industry often require the use of cutting blades. These blades are used to cut paper or web to the desired size and shape. Cutting blades require sharp cutting edges, high wear resistance and good cutting stability. The blade material can be selected from high-speed steel (HSS) or carbide.


Punch blade:

In the paper industry, it is often necessary to perform punching operations on paper, such as binding, document sorting, etc. Hole punching blades are used to achieve precise hole punching. Common applications include staplers, hole punches, etc. These inserts need to have good cutting performance and durability to ensure hole quality and accuracy.


To sum up, blades in the paper industry need to have sharp cutting edges, high hardness, wear resistance and cutting stability. Common blade materials include high-speed steel (HSS), carbide, etc. The selection and use of blades need to be determined according to the specific paper processing links and process requirements to ensure high-quality paper processing and production.

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