• Recycling & Plastic

    Recycling & Plastic

    Blades are widely used in the recycling and plastics industries. Below I will go into detail about how and what kind of blades are used in both industries.   Recycling industry:   Cutting and dismantling: The recycling industry requires cutting and dismantling of waste items for reuse or r...
  • Metal processing industry

    Metal processing industry

    Sanqu Mechanical Blades mainly serves the metal processing industry, which is a broad industry covering many fields and applications. Let’s take a closer look at the metalworking industry and how to use and maintain blades.   The metal processing industry refers to the industry that perfo...
  • The Packaging Industry

    The Packaging Industry

    In the packaging industry, blades are widely used and are mainly used for cutting, cutting, grooving and engraving processes. Different types of packaging materials require the use of blades suitable for their characteristics and requirements. The following will introduce in detail the common blade...
  • Paper processing industry

    Paper processing industry

    In the paper industry, blades are widely used and involve many aspects of paper cutting, trimming and processing. The following is a detailed introduction to the use of blades in the paper industry:   Paper cutting blade: One of the most common blades used in the paper industry is the paper cut...
  • Woodworking


    The wood industry is an industry where blades are widely used, mainly for processing, cutting and trimming wood. Here’s a closer look at how and what kind of blades are used in the wood industry:   Blade use in wood processing:   Cutting: In wood processing, common cutting operations...
  • Paper & Printing

    Paper & Printing

    The printing industry is an important industry, and blades play a vital role in the printing process. Below I will introduce how blades are used in the printing industry and what kind of blades are used.   In the printing industry, blades are mainly used for cutting and trimming printing materi...

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