The Packaging Industry

Jan 06, 2024

In the packaging industry, blades are widely used and are mainly used for cutting, cutting, grooving and engraving processes. Different types of packaging materials require the use of blades suitable for their characteristics and requirements. The following will introduce in detail the common blade usage methods and corresponding blade types in the packaging industry:


Cutting blade: As one of the most common types of blades, it is used for cutting and trimming packaging materials. Common packaging materials such as cardboard, paper, film, etc. require the use of cutting blades. These blades are usually straight edge and allow for straight cuts. Choosing high-quality alloy blades can ensure precise and durable cutting results.


Cutting blade: suitable for packaging industries that require precise cutting, such as carton cutting, paper cutting, etc. Cutting blades are usually made of high-quality alloy materials with sharp edges and strong wear resistance, enabling efficient and accurate cutting processes.


Slotting blade: mainly used for the slotting process of cardboard boxes and paper packaging boxes. The grooving blade adopts a special blade design, which can groov quickly and effectively to ensure the quality and accuracy of the packaging box. Grooving blades are typically made from high-speed steel or carbide to provide excellent cutting performance and wear resistance.


Engraving blade: used to engrave packaging materials, such as engraving patterns, text, logos, etc. Marking blades are usually made of steel or carbide and have finely machined edges to achieve clear, precise markings on packaging materials.


In general, the choice of blades in the packaging industry needs to be determined based on specific packaging materials and process requirements. High-quality, wear-resistant alloy blades are a common choice in the packaging industry. In addition, regular blade maintenance and replacement is also very important to ensure continuous optimization of cutting results and productivity.

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