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Nov 10, 2023

The printing industry is an important industry, and blades play a vital role in the printing process. Below I will introduce how blades are used in the printing industry and what kind of blades are used.


In the printing industry, blades are mainly used for cutting and trimming printing materials, including paper, cardboard and film. Blades are often used to cut the edges of prints to ensure their flatness and neatness. At the same time, the blade is also used to trim unnecessary edges or impurities to ensure the quality of the final print.


When choosing blades, the printing industry usually considers the following factors:


Blade material: Common blade materials include high-speed steel (HSS), carbide (Carbide), tool steel, etc. Different materials have different hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and it is important to choose the blade material suitable for the specific printing material.


Blade shape: According to different cutting needs, the printing industry uses blades of various shapes, such as straight blades, round blades, V blades, etc. Each shape is used for a specific cutting task to achieve the ideal cut result.


Cutting angle: The cutting angle of the blade has an important impact on the cutting quality and efficiency of the printed matter. The printing industry selects appropriate cutting angles based on specific needs. Common cutting angles include 45 degrees, 60 degrees, and 90 degrees.


Blade accuracy: The printing industry has high requirements for blade accuracy because precise cutting processes can ensure the quality and accuracy of printed matter. Therefore, it is critical to choose a blade with high precision.


It is worth noting that blades in the printing industry require regular maintenance and replacement to maintain their cutting performance and work efficiency. Regularly checking the wear degree of the blade and timely grinding or replacing the blade can extend the service life of the blade and ensure the stability and consistency of the printing process.


In summary, the printing industry uses blades for cutting and trimming paper and printed materials, and it is important to choose the blade material, shape, angle, and accuracy that suits the material and cutting needs. Correct selection and maintenance of blades can improve the quality of printed matter and increase production efficiency, which is crucial to the development of the printing industry.

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