Sanqu Machinery Company applied for multiple patents, leading the innovative development of the blade industry

Apr 01, 2024

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Date: April 1, 2024


Sanqu Machinery Company recently announced that it has successfully applied for three innovative patents, further consolidating its leading position in the blade industry. The granting of these patents will lay a solid foundation for the company's future development and provide more innovative tools and solutions.


The first patent is a technological innovation for special-shaped blade grinding process equipment. By introducing advanced grinding technology, this device achieves precision grinding of special-shaped blades and improves the efficiency and quality of cutting and processing. This innovation will provide customers with more refined and higher-quality blade products to meet the needs of different industries.


The second patent relates to the design and manufacture of special-shaped gear shaper cutters. Special-shaped gear shaping cutters have unique tooth shapes that enable more efficient cutting and processing results. Through this patented technology, Sanqu Machinery Company will be able to provide more innovative and adaptable blade products suitable for a wide range of applications with different materials and processing needs.


The third patent relates to the innovative design of wedge-shaped blades for cutting machines. Wedge-shaped blades are widely used in cutting machines and other equipment and are essential for efficient and precise cutting. The granting of this patent marks Sanqu Machinery's breakthrough in the field of blade technology and will further enhance the company's product competitiveness and market position.


Sanqu Machinery Company has always focused on technological innovation and product research and development, and enjoys a high reputation in the blade industry. Through continuous investment in research and development, the company has not only obtained a number of technological breakthroughs and patent authorizations, but also successfully improved the quality and performance of its products, winning the trust and praise of many customers.


As a leading company committed to the blade industry, Sanqu Machinery Company will continue to maintain the power of innovation, continue to improve product quality, and meet the diverse needs of customers. In the future, the company will continue to strengthen the construction of the technical team and market expansion to provide customers with more comprehensive and higher-quality blade solutions.

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