Sanqu Tool Factory launches a wire stripping machine blade with an accuracy of 2 wires, completely solving the customer's problem of skin and wire separation.

Apr 23, 2024

Sanqu Tool Factory recently announced the launch of an innovative wire stripping machine blade with an edge accuracy of 2 wires, providing customers with a perfect solution to the problem of skin and wire separation.

In the wire and cable manufacturing process, skin peeling has always been a critical step, directly affecting product quality and efficiency. In the past, customers often encountered the problem of incomplete separation of the skin and wires when performing wire stripping operations, resulting in uneven stripping and affecting subsequent processing and use. In order to solve this problem, the R&D team of Sanqu Tool Factory conducted in-depth research and successfully developed this wire stripping machine blade with an accuracy of 2 wires.

The wire stripper blade uses advanced materials and precision design to ensure cutting accuracy and consistency. Through precise cutting, it can perfectly separate the skin from the wire, ensuring that the surface of the stripped cable is smooth and residue-free. This not only improves product quality, but also effectively solves the problems customers encounter during the wire stripping process.

In addition to solving skin and wire separation issues, this wire stripper blade offers other significant benefits and value. First, it improves production efficiency. Due to the precise cutting of the blade, the peeling operation is faster and more stable, reducing pauses and misoperations during the peeling process, thus saving a lot of time and human resources. Secondly, the blade has excellent durability and long service life, reducing the frequency of blade replacement and maintenance costs. The most important thing is that this wire stripping machine blade provided by Sanqu Tool Factory is customizable and can be designed and produced according to the specific needs of customers, providing customers with personalized solutions.

Sanqu Tool Factory has always been committed to innovation and high-quality tool manufacturing, and this wire stripping machine blade with an accuracy of 2 wires is one of its innovative achievements. Company representatives said that they will continue to invest more R&D resources, continuously improve products, and provide customers with more efficient and reliable tool solutions.

For more information about this wire stripper blade launched by Sanqu Knife Factory, please visit our official website or contact our sales team.

About Sanqu Tool Factory:

Sanqu Tool Factory is a company specializing in tool manufacturing with many years of experience and technical strength. The company is committed to providing customers with high-quality, innovative tool solutions and establishing long-term partnerships with customers. The products of Sanqu Tool Factory are widely used in electronics, automobiles, aerospace and other industries, and are deeply trusted and praised by customers.

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