Perfect production system

Mar 26, 2024

Our company is proud to have advanced and complete production equipment. These equipment include multiple high-precision CNC lathes and super-precision grinding machines. The introduction and application of these equipment enables us to provide high-quality products and ensure maximum production efficiency and precision.

CNC lathe is one of the indispensable tools in our production process. They have precise control systems that can automatically perform operations such as cutting, turning and tool changing, providing highly accurate machining results. The use of CNC lathes allows us to accurately process blades of various shapes to meet the individual needs of customers.


In addition, we also have a super-finishing grinder, which is a piece of equipment specifically used for blade grinding. Super-precision grinders have extremely high grinding accuracy and surface finish, and can grind the cutting edge of the blade to the ultimate sharpness. Through the use of super-precision grinders, we can ensure the excellent cutting performance of the blade, extend its service life, and improve production efficiency.


These advanced production equipment provide a solid foundation for our blade production. We focus on the maintenance and updating of equipment to ensure it is in optimal working condition to meet our customers' needs for high-quality blades. Whether from the perspective of processing accuracy or product performance, our production equipment is able to provide customers with an excellent product experience.


In our company, high-standard production equipment not only gives us a competitive advantage, but is also our commitment to provide quality products to our customers. We will continue to invest in and introduce advanced production equipment, and continuously improve production processes and technical levels to meet the diverse needs of customers and provide customers with excellent tool solutions.

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