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Tungsten steel round blade alloy blade tape film slitting machine blade

Tungsten steel round blades, also called carbide round blades, broadly refer to the collective name for all round slitting blades made of carbide, which are made of refractory metal hard compounds and bonded phase metals through powder metallurgy processes A composite material made of. Carbide round inserts have excellent properties such as high hardness, high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance, and play an indispensable position in tool materials. China tungsten Online provides high-quality carbide products.

  • product name :

    Tungsten steel round blade fully automatic computer cutting machine blade carbide blade tungsten steel round knife lithium battery slitting blade
  • brand :

    San qu
  • Shipping Port :

    Shanghai/Guangzhou or other
  • Color :

    Natural color
  • Lead Time :

    10-15 days after receiving the deposit
  • Payment :

    T/T,Western union
  • Material :

    Tungsten steel alloy
  • MOQ :



 Size We can customize according to your requirements
 Material Tungsten steel alloy
 Hardness HRC93
 Thickness tolerance: ±0.00008"
 Surface roughness: Ra0.2
 Outer diameter tolerance: ±0.001″
 Parallelism: ±0.0001″

1.Apply anti-rust oil

2.Packed in plywood wooden box

3.Increase moisture-proof and anti-smashing measures

General size
Outer diameter*inner diameter*thickness Outer diameter*inner diameter*thickness Outer diameter*inner diameter*thickness Outer diameter*inner diameter*thickness
28×5×0.3 45×22×1 45×8×0.3 45×10×0.5
50×12×0.5 50×16×1 60×10×0.3 60×10×0.5
60×15×0.6 70×16×0.8 76×18×2 76.2×25.4×1.2
76×25.4×1.2 76×26×2 80×18×0.5 80×22×1.2
80×25.4×1.2 80×25.4×2 80×40×1 90×20×0.8
90×25.4×1.2 90×55×2 100×15×0.8 100×16×1
100×20×0.5 100×20×1 100×25.4×1.5 100×25.4×2
100×27×1 100×27×2 100×32×1.5 100×50×2
100×50×4 105×30×2 110×25×0.7 110×25.4×2
110*25.4×1.5 110×32×2 110×40×2 110×50×2
110×55×2 110×70×1.5 120×20×0.8 120×25.4×2
120×32×2 120×40×2 120×55×2 125×25.4×2
125×50×1 125×54×2 125×55×2 130×25.4×2
130×30×0.9 140×25×1 140×25.4×2 140×25.4×5.5
150×25.4×2 150×25.4×1.5 150×32×0.8 150×55×2
150×80×3 150×80×4 160×25.4×2 180×25.4×2
200×25.4×2 200×25.4×2.5 200×55×2 200×25.4×3
250×25.4×1.8 250×25.4×2 250×25.4×2.5 250×25.4×3
280×25×1.8 300×25.4×2.5 300×25.4×3 300×32×3
300×38.1×3 350×25.4×3 350×32×3 350×38.1×3
350×40×3 350×58×3 380×40×3 380×25.4×3
400×25.4×3 400×58×3 400×60×3 450×25.4×3
500×25.4×3 550×25.4×5 610×25.4×4.7  

Product display:


Product name: Solvent sprayed tungsten steel round knife

Material: Tungsten steel alloy


Features: sharp cutting edge, high hardness, good toughness, not easy to wear, high precision, no burrs, no indentation, which can meet the requirements of slitting films and metal sheets.

Specifications: Various specifications, can process and manufacture various non-standard products

Cutting objects: Membrane: soft PVC, hard PVC, PP, PE, PS, PET, BOPP, adhesive tape, etc.

Paper: kraft paper, release paper, wallpaper, textured paper, adhesive paper, thick cardboard, etc. Cloth: non-woven fabric, synthetic cloth, natural cotton cloth, trademark cloth, etc.

Applicable industries: paper making, paper product processing, adhesive tape products, films, wires and cables, rubber, aluminum foil, non-manufacturing cloth, composite packaging materials, chemical fiber, telecommunications and electrical appliances, cigarettes, leather, printing, food and clothing, etc.

Our advantage:

Round knives are widely used for cutting paper, plastic film, fabric, foam, rubber, copper foil, aluminum foil, graphite, etc. This type of knife is sharpened by professional equipment. It has beautiful appearance, high precision, long life and high cost performance.

Mainly used in dividing knife production line. The company has professional production experience and uses high-quality imported steel. Manufactured by vacuum heat treatment. With extremely high wear resistance and size, the knife edge has been rigorously tested. Using German vacuum erasing technology, the heat treatment is uniform, the plate hardness is HRC58-65, and CNC processing equipment is used to ensure accuracy, and the plate accuracy reaches 0.01-0.02mm. The flat surface is ground by an ultra-precision grinder and rigorously tested to ensure that the blade tolerance is within 0.03mm. Used for various kraft paper, corrugated paper, rice paper, constant temperature paper, color inkjet paper, decorative base paper, printing base paper, copper foil, aluminum foil, electrodes, etc. It has the advantages of neat, clean and smooth cuts, no burrs, less blade replacement, long service life, and high cost performance.

The blade is made of high-quality imported steel. Generally used: 65MN, 9CRSI, SKD-11, SKH-91, SKH-51, CR12Mov, W6MO5CR4V2, SKH-51, W18CR4V, etc. High, it is an ideal blade to reduce cutting costs and cut high scores.

Our production process :

1.Cutting  2.Forging  3.Plastic surgery  4.Heat treatment  5.Modification  6.Slice  

7.Slice    8.Sharpen  9.Plastic surgery  10.fine grinding  11.Plastic surgery

12.Chamfer  13.Test  14.Package  15.Factory



Our products serve all walks of life:Metallurgical industry, plastic industry, food industry, printing industry, electrical appliance industry, rubber industry, woodworking industry, shipbuilding industry, light industry machinery industry, etc.





Efficient logistics and distribution: We use fast and reliable logistics partners to ensure that your order can be delivered in time. We work with world-renowned logistics companies to provide flexible logistics options and full tracking services so that you can always know the shipping status of your goods.



1:Are you Trading company or Factory?

We are factory,and we have experience for 20 years.

2:Can I have one piece for sample?

Of course yes, nothing can prove our production's quality but sample. You can order one piece on line and our customer service will contact with you as soon as possible.

3: How long is your delivery time?

Generally, it will be within 24 hours after received the payment,Mass production need 20days,Make mould need 15days. 

4: What’s kind of trading term can you do?

If you have your usually trading term, please tell our customer service, if not , we can do Ex-works, FOB,CFR,CIF etc .

5: How about the quality of blades ?

Our blades adopt advanced technology. Moreover, we carry out strict supervision during productionand make sure every finishedproduct with high quality.

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